Dormitory # 3.     [78Kb]
A room in the Dormitory #3.     [77Kb]
Dormitory  # 3 cafeteria.     [78Kb]
In the room for self-instructions.     [79Kb]
In the gym.     [93Kb]
A party.     [66Kb]
A rehearsal of singer poets.     [67Kb]
New Year’s celebrations in the club 'Galaktika'.     [81Kb]
Community work day.     [86Kb]
Dormitory  # 4
Dormitory # 6, Tereshkovoy st., 134/1
Dormitory complex (under construction), Tereshkovoy st.     [84Kb]
Dormitory # 7, Tereshkovoy st., 134/2
Dormitory # 8, Tereshkovoy st., 134/3.     [80Kb]
A room in the Dormitory # 7.     [47Kb]
A room in the Dormitory # 7.     [53Kb]
A kitchen in the Dormitory # 7.     [54Kb]

Orenburg State University houses several dormitories that provide accommodations for over 2000students. Every dormitory has comfortable living conditions: shower rooms, laundry rooms, dining halls, study halls, physical-training gyms, the students’ club "Galaktica", an assembly hall and recreational rooms.

The rooms of the student dormitories have access to the internet and various OSU online databases and library catalogues. The total number of personal computers in the dorms amount to more than220. All students have 24-hour free internet access. Each student is also provided with a free email account that they can use.

Due to the high number of students at OSU and limited space availability in the dormitories, only certain groups of students have the privilege to apply for university accommodations:

  • students from other towns and cities;
  • orphans;
  • handicapped youths;
  • students from large or one-parent family;
  • students from families with low income;
  • students who have disabled parents or parents-pensioneers;
  • refugees or displaced persons;
  • post-graduate students, students working toward their Doctor’s degree, trainees;
  • students attending preparatory, retraining, or upgrading courses (for the course period);
  • applicants (for the entrance exams period);
  • students of the correspondence department (for the session);
  • students with families.

International students enrolled at OSU, within the international government agreements of the Russian Federation, are provided with university accommodations on the same general terms as students from the Russian Federation.

To apply for university accommodations a student must submit an application form together with the documents listed below to the Department of Social and Educational Activities (dormitory # 1):

  • application form signed by a dean;
  • passport;
  • standard health certificate;
  • certificate(s) verifying family income(s) and household living arrangements.

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