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OSU logo is a combination of the letter symbol and graphic element. The letter symbol creates the image of "The thinker" that towers above the graphic element– the steps of knowledge. The letters are the initials for the Orenburg State University. The letter O symbolizes the head of the Thinker, and the letters and make up the ligature that symbolizes the Thinker's arms and shoulders. The graphic element imitates the ascending steps to personal development, knowledge enrichment, perfecting thoughts and spirit. Every next step is wider in breadth thus indicating the accumulation of knowledge and experience. On the contrary the distance between the steps shortens as they go up. The logo has a centric arrangement but with the tendency to the forward movement and development. Asymmetrical position of the Thinker and the first step creates this impression.

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Orenburg State University

13 Prospect Pobedy

Orenburg 460018



+7 (3532) 72-37-01


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