OSU History Museum


Popov Vitaliy,

candidate of Historical Sciences

Rooms # 170402, 170403
+7 (35-32) 37-27-79

Orenburg State University’s History Museum plays a great role in youth education. The museum displays information on the following topics:

  • History of higher education in Russia
  • Foundation of higher education establishments in the Orenburg region
  • Development strategies at the OSU
  • Origin and activities of faculties, departments, institutes, and branches of OSU
  • University traditions
  • International cooperation and collaboration with Russian institutions of higher education

For more information on the OSU History Museum you can visit its.

OSU Museum
OSU Museum
OSU Museum
OSU museum hall, OSU Scientific library, 4th floor
Display stand with historical monuments and cultural sights in Orenburg
OSU museum’s big hall
First rector’s desk
Judkovskiy’s world of pedagogical values
Salimzjanov 'Polytechnical institute. Building # 1'
Salimzjanov 'Polytechnical institute. Building # 3'
WWII veterans
OSU veterans
OSU museum’s small hall
Students’ building groups
OSU sport trophies
Tourist’s view of the world
OSU Museum
OSU Museum
OSU Museum
OSU Museum
OSU Museum

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Orenburg State University

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+7 (3532) 72-37-01


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