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Doctor of History, Professor

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In 1999, on his own initiative, Leonid Iosifovich Futoryanski founded the Research Institute for the History of the Southern Urals and Cossacks of Russia at Orenburg State University. It was intended to bring together and coordinate the efforts of scientists in order to conduct basic research on important aspects of the region’s history and Cossacks as a nationwide sociocultural phenomenon. In March 2010, the Institute was reorganized into the Research Institute of the History and Ethnography of the Southern Urals. The institute’s organizer, eminent Orenburg historian L.I.Futoryanskiy, still contributes to research as a consultant, sharing his wealth of experience and vast knowledge.

Scientific Work

From 1999 to 2017, the research team of the Institute published 802scientific papers in total.

Educational Resources

Members of the Institute created a wide range of textbooks and teaching aids on the history of the Orenburg region which are widely used in the region’s high schools, colleges and universities as well as beyond the classroom, in local history studies, and in the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation.

Scientific and Educational Activities

From 1999 to 2017, the Institute organized and held 82 scientific events (42conferences, 32round tables, 3expert panels, 2research seminars, 2expert clubs and a symposium). As a result of the conferences and round tables, a collection of articles was published.

Special attention is paid to science promotion, and its introduction into the educational process, as well as its interaction with industry and university sciences.

Public lectures open to students and teachers from secondary and higher educational institutions, as well as to cultural and education institutions employees. Scientists from other cities work at OSU departments, advising students in scientific research and assisting them in preparation for a thesis defense.

Research priorities:

  • history, culture and current status of ethnic communities in the Orenburg region;
  • monitoring of modern interethnic and confessionrelations and confessions, analyzing national, migration and language policy in the Volga Federal District.

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