International visits, 2009/10 academic year

September, 2009

  • In September, 2009 within the Robert Bosch Fund program Mr. Thomas Milde, a German language lecturer has started his second year of working for the OSU. He will give classes of the German language to the German Philology Department students and conduct seminars on the German language teaching methodology for the OSU colleagues.
  • A lecturer from Sapporo (Japan) Mr. Ryotaro Kobayashi will stay for one year at the Orenburg State University. His coming to Orenburg was supported by the Embassy of Japan in RF and the Center for International Exchange in Tokyo. Mr. Kobayashi will give Japanese language classes for the OSU Philology Faculty students. Moreover, all interested in learning Japanese language and culture of the land of the Rising Sun are welcome to enroll into the courses given by the teacher from Japan.
  • In 2009/10 academic year Mr. Charles Outters (France, Versailles) will teach French at the university. The project is implemented under the support of the French association "Slaventures".
  • On September, 9 Mr. Simon Gendrid (France, Wormhout) came to the Orenburg State University to study Russian.
  • On Septemberš15, 2009 the OSU hosted Klaus Haenssgen, a professor from the University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, Germany. While staying at the university Mr.šHaenssgen met with OSU rector Prof. Vladimir Kovalevskiy and discussed the possibility of developing staff and students exchange as well as foundation of the joint research center in physics, mathematics, informatics and economics. Besides, Mr.šHaenssgen met with the OSU students and made the presentation of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences focusing on the projects that his faculty is carrying out.
  • On Septemberš16–18, 2009 the members of the Graduate School of Science at the Hiroshima University (Japan) Prof.šTakayuki Ebata, Prof.šKatsuya Inoue and Prof.šTakashi Suzuki participated in the IVšRussia-Japan scientific seminar "Magnetic phenomena in physiochemics of molecular systems". While meeting the OSU rector Prof.šKovalevskiy the guests communicated the idea of developing a cooperation agreement between the OSU and the Hiroshima University.
  • On Septemberš17, 2009 on the initiative of the President of the Orenburg Charitable Fund "Eurasia" Mr.šIgor Khramov the Orenburg State University hosted the vice-president of "The White Rose" Foundation (Munich, Germany) Mr.šWinfried Adolf Vogel. Mr.šVogel reported to the OSU rector Prof.šKovalevskiy about awarding two students of the German philology and German language methodology department with the personal the White Rose Fund’s scholarships. Mr.šVogel also met with the Faculty of Philology students and gave them the lecture on the dangers of nationalistic organizations revival.
  • On Septemberš17–23, 2009 the delegation from VIA University College paid a visit to the Orenburg State University. Among the members of Danish delegation were a Chief Consultant Jorgen Jensen, a Senior Consultant Peter Georg Jahn and a Consultant Kurt Hansen. Foreign specialists conducted training courses on lean-management for the students of the Economics and Management Faculty, the students of the Small Academy of Sate Management and the laureates of the "United Russia" party project "Personnel potential is a professional team of the country".

October, 2009

  • On Octoberš1š– Novemberš30, 2009 within the framework of the cooperation between the Orenburg State University and the Ludwigš– Maximilians University (Munich, Germany) the lecturer of "German language courses for foreigners" Ms.šAnnetta Gshwilm will stay at the OSU. The educator from Germany will teach OSU students and teaching staff of the German Philology and methods of German language training in the German language and modern German literature.
  • On October 26š– Novemberš4 OSU welcomed 5šundergraduates from the Kizilorda State University named after Korkit-Ata. This was the first step in developing cooperation between our universities under the agreement singed in Octoberš2009. The undergraduates attended classes on the Faculty of Economics and Management, Architecture and Construction, Geology and Geography. They were provided with the access to the OSU library resources.

November, 2009

  • On November 10 the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark to Russia Per Karlsen visited OSU for the second time. At the meetings with the OSU top-executives and students the Ambassador discussed the outcomes and perspectives for cooperation between the RF and Denmark as well as between the Orenburg State University and the Orenburg Region and Danish universities and companies.
  • On November 17–18 OSU hosted delegations from the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and "Watt Drive" company (Austria). The goal of their visit was to meet OSU and define the possibilities and forms of cooperation in training students who major in technics and mechanics. The OSU rector Prof. Kovalevskiy and the rector of the Austrian University Prof. Pramhas signed the collaborative agreement that will regulate students and staff exchange and support joint projects. Both rectors made the presentations of the universities’ academic and scientific activities. Besides, the guests visited the OSU Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering.
  • On November 18–25 our university hosted another group of undergraduates from the Kizilorda State University named after Korkit-Ata. International students attended lectures and seminars at the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Mathematics and IT Faculty. Being introduced to the OSU library resources and leading professors the undergraduates from Kazakhstan collected materials for their dissertations.

December, 2009

On Decemberš14–17 our university welcomed a group from the St.šPetersburg College (Florida, USA): Dr.šJonathan Steel, Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts; Dr.šMarilyn Michael, Professor of Fine and Applied Arts department and Jonathan SteelšJr., member of Collaborative Labs. This visit was scheduled as a part of cooperation agreement between SPC and OSU signed in 2007. It became another step to carry out the cooperation agreement between the SPC and OSU. The group had a number of meetings, presentations and work-shops for students of Philology faculty and Public Professions faculty.

April, 2010

  • Dr.šRenate Astrid Schimkoreit, Consul-General of Germany in Ekaterinburg, Ms.šTatyana Shamber, coordinator of the Consulate General of Germany in Ekaterinburg, Mr.šReinhardt Müller-Technau, director of "MTech Strategie und Planung" visited Orenburg State University on Aprilš15. The guests met with the OSU rector, Dr.šVladimir Kovalevskiy, teaching staff and students of the German language philology and German language teaching methodology who made the presentation of the OSU cooperation with German educational institutions and funds.
  • On April 25–30 within the framework of the cooperation between the Orenburg State University and the Ludwigš– Maximilians University (Munich, Germany) the OSU German Center held a regular annual intensive training course for International Certificate’s (DSH) competitors. Dr. Martin Praxenthaler, a lecturer of "German language courses for foreigners at the Ludwig-Maximilians University" was invited to visit our university to conduct the course.

May, 2010

  • On May 17–21 Orenburg State University hosted an examination board from the German language Course at the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. Peter Jaumann and Angelika Jodl came to conduct the eighth regular DSH exam. And it is two years in succession that students demonstrate 100% exam’s passing. 22šstudents got the certificates from German educators on a specially arranged ceremonial meeting.
  • On May 19–27 OSU welcomed the third group of undergraduates from the Kizilorda State University named after Korkit-Ata (Kazakhstan). While staying at our university the undergraduates attended classes at the Faculty of Economics and Management and at the Faculty of Humanities. They also got an access to the OSU library resources and individual consultations with the leading scientists in the relative areas of knowledge.

June, 2010

On June 1–9 OSU faculty of Philology hosted Kathy Rexford, an English language instructor from the USA. OSU English language teachers learnt from the American colleague about the latest tendencies in American English development, the ways to motivate students to English language learning, most popular internet resources on English language and country-studies methodology, etc.

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