International visits, 2010/11 academic year

September, 2010

  • In September, 2010 within the Robert Bosch Fund program Ms. Julia Bombera, a German language lecturer has started working for the OSU. In 2010–2011academic year Ms. Bombera will teach students majoring in German language and train OSU German language teachers in methodology.
  • A lecturer from Sapporo (Japan) Mr. Ryotaro Kobayashi will work for another year at the Orenburg State University. Mr. Kobayashi will give Japanese language classes for the OSU Philology Faculty students and train all interested on a specially arranged course.
  • On September 2 Sebastian Blum and Simone Wethanner, students from the Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich, Germany) started their studies at the OSU. This Russian language training for German students is a part of many years cooperation between our university and the Munich University.
  • On September 13–17 the group of administrators and scholars from the Hiroshima University (Japan) headed by the HU President Dr. Asahara visited OSU. On September14 the partners signed a collaborative agreement between OSU and HU. Besides, the Japanese colleagues participated in the grand events devoted to the OSU55th anniversary and presented their scientific reports at the VthRussian— Japanese Seminar "Magnetoscience in physicochemistry of molecular systems".
  • On September 16 the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany in RF Mr. Brandenburg visited OSU. Being introduced to the developments in OSU— Germany cooperation, Mr. Brandenburg enjoyed together with the students and educators of the Philology Faculty the latest outcomes of this cooperation. Thus, Mr. Brandenburg donated to OSU the collection of scientific books from the German Scientific Research Society (DFG) and presented DSH certificates to the students who have successfully passed the DSH exam earlier this spring.

October, 2010

  • On October 6–8 Mr. Sohei Oishi, Director of Japanese Center in Nizhniy Novgorod and Kiichiro Hatoyama, Professor from the MSU Business school, visited the university. The guests participated in the "Days of Japan at OSU" events: opening ceremony, exhibition "World inheritance: Kiyoto", festival of Japanese films. Besides Prof. Hatoyama made a presentation about city transport safety, methods of its planning, controlling and managing at the business seminar "Problems of city transport and ways of solutions".
  • On October 25 a student from France, Lauriane Chesnel would have her practical placement at the OSU. In 2010/11 academic year she teach French at the Faculty of Philology and assist both teachers and students in preparing to take DELF/DALF exam, contribute to popularization of the French language in Orenburg and Orenburg Region.

December, 2010

  • On December6–12 our university hosted another group of undergraduates from the Kizilorda State University named after Korkit-Ata. International students attended lectures and seminars at the Faculty of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Economics and Finances, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Being introduced to the OSU library resources and leading professors the undergraduates from Kazakhstan collected materials for their dissertations.
  • On December1415 members of the Japan Foundation Ms. Natalya Moskvitina and Mr. Tomoyuki Arakawa visited our university. After being introduced to the university and the OSU Japan Information Center activities, the guests presented the programs of the Foundation. Besides students taking the course of Japanese at OSU got a chance to attend a lecture on Japanese language and culture.

April, 2011

On April21 our university welcomed Dr. Gregor Berghorn, Director of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in RF and CIS. For Orenburg scientific community Dr. Berghorn presented DAAD scholarships for 2011/12academic year.

May, 2011

  • On April11— May5 Angelika Jodl visited OSU as DAAD short-term lecturer. Mrs. Jodl taught a lecture course "Best screenings of German classical writers", trained philology students and German language Center’s students in German language.
  • On May3–8 Annetta Gschwilm, lecturer from German courses at Ludwig— Maximilians University (Germany) gave an intensive course in German language to the applicants for DSH certificate.

June, 2011

On June16— July4 OSU English language teachers took a course "Innovative methods for teaching English: American experience". The leading speaker was an educator from the USA Kathryn Rexford.

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