International visits, 2011/12 academic year

September 2011

  • The cooperation with international institutions and funds made it possible to invite to OSU in 2011/12 academic year international educators: Marie-Louise Tralle, Bosch Fund lecturer (Germany), Juan Carlos Garcia, Fulbright fellow (USA), Tomoko Ishibashi, ASCOM Ltd. volunteer (Japan), Dominique Cadiet, member of Slaventures Association (France).
  • On Septemberš5 Sharon Brehm and Dominic Falter, students from Ludwigš— Maximilians University (Munich, Germany) started their studies at the OSU. This Russian language training for German students is a part of many years cooperation between our university and the Munich University.
  • On Septemberš7 our university hosted the delegation from the Liberec Region (Czech Republic) headed by the President Stanislav Eichler.


  • On Octoberš6 the U.S. Consul General in Yekaterinburg Dr.šMichael Reinert visited our university.
  • On Octoberš4–8 the delegates from Aktubinsk State University named after K.šZhubanova and from Karaganda State University named after academician E.šBuketov participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Orenburgš— the capital of Russian designš2011" and presented reports at the conference "Design in national cultures: innovations and traditions".
  • On Octoberš11–13 our university welcomed Motoyuki Ishize, Minister, Head of communications department at the Embassy of Japan; Michihiro Hamano, Director of Japanese Center in Nizhniy Novgorod and Iwao Ohashi, Head of the Moscow branch of the Japanese Nomura Research Institute. The guests participated in the festival "The Days of Japan at OSU".
  • On Octoberš15–22 the university held "The Days of Germany at OSU" and hosted the delegation from "Courses of German language for foreigners at LMU": Dr. Melani Lioba Moll, Director, Dr. Angelika Maria Jodl and Dr. Martin Praxenthaler, educators and professors from Duisburgš— Essen University Dr. Rupprecht Baur and Dr. Andreas Friedrich August Erb.


On Novemberš21–28 our university hosted another group of undergraduates from the Kizilorda State University named after Korkit Ata. International students attended lectures and seminars at the Faculty of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Being introduced to the OSU library resources and leading professors the undergraduates from Kazakhstan collected materials for their dissertations.


On January 27 — February 3 Britta Knoernschild, Robert Bosch Fund’s lecturer at Belgorod State University paid a visit to Orenburg. Together with Marie-Louise Tralle, a Robert Bosch Fund’s lecturer at OSU, Ms. Knoernschild conducted a series of workshops for German language teachers on how to use IT in teaching German. Another presentation was devoted to "The Economic Miracle in Germany".


On Marchš26š— Aprilš15 Orenburg State University hosted Mayuki Matsui from Hiroshima University (Japan). This training was a part of the cooperation agreement between OSU and HU and targeted at collecting materials for Ms. Matsiu’s research on Russian language phonology.


  • On Aprilš2–7 six Master students and a lecturer from Aktubinsk State University named after K.šZhubanov took a training course on methodology of scientific research.
  • On Aprilš4–10 Tralle Ernst Johannes Karsten-August and Tralle Eva-Maria from Munich (Germany) visited OSU to participate in the celebrations of Easter at the department of German language.
  • The project "Swiss Vision" made it possible for a delegation from Swtzerland to visit the Orenburg region and OSU. On Aprilš6 Ms. Scheidegger-Meier presented the literary works of her father Gerhard Meier, a classic of Swiss literature and presented a complete set of his works to OSU library.
  • On Aprilš22–25 a delegation from Hiroshima University (Japan) paid a visit to OSU. The guests granted to our university seedlings of Japanese cherry trees and participated in their grand planting in OSU botanic garden.
  • On Aprilš23–27 Elisabeth Meisenzahl, lecturer from the Deutschkurse bei der Universität München (Germany) gave an intensive preparatory course to the applicants for DSH certificate.


  • On Mayš28 a delegation from the West Kazakhstan paid an official visit to Orenburg. Two members of the team Akserik Aitimov, Rector of Kazakh University for Innovational and Tele- communicational Systems, and Abilsait Muktar, Vice-rector for scientific research of West Kazakhstan State University named after A.šUtemisov, met OSU officials to negotiate the possibilities for cooperation.
  • On Mayš28 OSU Rector Prof. Kovalevskiy welcomed the participants of the Russian-French conference on migration policy: Jean Radvanyi, Director of Centre franco-russe de recherches en sciences humaines et sociales de Moscou, Dr. Xavier Le Torrivellec, Professor from Départment D’études Slaves Université Parisš8, Dr.šElena Philipova, a scientist from Institute of ethnology and antropolgy of Russian Academy of Sciences.


  • On Juneš13 members of the Botchan Theatre from the city of Minara (Japan) visited our university to discuss the possibilities for staging one of the theatre’s performances.
  • On Juneš13–14 OSU hosted an international seminar "Cooperation of universities and business" and welcomed educators from universities of Finland: Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.
  • On Juneš18–22 OSU English language teachers took an upgrading course in American English. The main invited speaker was Kathryn Rexford, an educator from USA.

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