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Elena Troshneva.     [80Kb]
Oleg Andronov.     [87Kb]
Pavel Sukhanov, Russian championship winner.     [80Kb]
Denis Danilin.     [66Kb]
Olga Ovcherenko.     [77Kb]
Gabil Mamedov.     [76Kb]
Kirill Skachkov.     [65Kb]
Team leaders with the Minoster of Sport.     [66Kb]
OSU students-sportmen.     [96Kb]

To go in for sports students can visit a sport center with a 50-meter swimming pool, gyms for judo, weightlifing and aerobics training and a stadium with 2 hockey fields.

On-campus, however, you can find available sports facilities and training spaces at the Sport and Health-Improving Gym, as well as, at outdoor sport grounds.

Furthermore, some university training buildings have their own gyms for different sport practices such as weightlifting, and gymnastics.

The Physical training Department at Orenburg State University is actively involved in organizing sport events and competitions that the majority of OSU students participate in. University teams also enter athletic conferences sponsored by the Russian Students’ Sports Union, which they then compete for local and national championships.

In summary, Orenburg State University offers the following programs:

  • Aerobics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Weightlifting
  • Judo
  • Athletics
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Power Lifting
  • Football
  • Mini-Football

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