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OSU delegation in Hiroshima University. Открыть в новом окне [86 Kb]

OSU delegation returned from Hiroshima University on the 13th of December. The scientists of two universities held joint VI Russian and Japanese workshop.

Meeting with students of Hiroshima University. Открыть в новом окне [84 Kb]
President of Hiroshima University Tosimasa Asahara. Открыть в новом окне [48 Kb]
Sergey Letuta in laboratory of Hiroshima University. Открыть в новом окне [54 Kb]

During two days of the workshop there were more than 40 reports, 4 of which were presented by scientists of Orenburg University. About 10 projects of students, postgraduate students and young scientists of OSU’ Faculty of Physics were delivered in poster presentations.

— Interest in the issues, discussed at the workshop, is growing, — Sergey Letuta says. — Finally it was decided to give the status of international conference to the event and to hold it every two years. Now we welcome our colleagues from Japan and scientists from other countries in Orenburg State University in 2014. After workshop there was a variety of meetings. One of them was meeting with President of Hiroshima University T. Asahara, on which the intentions of two universities to expand student and scientific exchange were confirmed. Japanese University is ready to accept an unlimited number of postgraduate students and masters for internships. Besides they agreed that at least 5 Japanese professors will come in OSU in the near future to give reports and lectures.

Also there was reached the agreement with international department of Hiroshima University which is responsible to the educational programs with foreign universities to submit a joint application for a grant — short summer school courses in Japan for foreign students. In Russia Hiroshima University supports partnership relations with 4 universities including OSU.

In addition, it is planned to send an application together with professor of Hiroshima University Katsuya Inoue for the open competition for grants of Government of the Russian Federation for the state support of scientific researches under the guidance of leading scientists in Russian Higher Educational Institutions.

Issues of further development of cooperation and possibility to hold on the base of Orenburg University cultural events and business workshops with the participation of Japanese experts during the visit were discussed.

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