Events: April, 2013

Ecological-educational action 'Save tulips of Schrenk!'.     [76 Kb]


On the25th of April the annual scientific-educational action "Let's protect tulips of Schrenk!" was inOSU.›››

Vladimir Kovalevskiy in France.     [56Kb]

On the15th of April in Lille (France) the cooperation agreement between Orenburg State University and Catholic University of Lille was countersigned. Agreement conclusion was held in the frame of the visit of Vladimir Kovalevsky— rector of OSU to France after his participation in the forum of rectors and presidents of Russian and Netherlands universities.›››

Alfonso Montella and Vasileios Psarianos.     [68 Kb]


Alfonso Montella— professor of Federico II University (Italy) and Vasileios Psarianos— professor of Athens National Technical University (Greece) arrived at OSU.

On the 23rd of April they had meeting with Vladimir Kovalevsky— rector of OSU.›››

Sergey Letuta and Karen Hewitt.     [74 Kb]


On the10thof April the meeting of Karen Hewitt— professor of University of Oxford with Sergey Letuta— Vice-rector for Scientific Research took place inOSU.›››

The international action 'Total dictation— 2013'.     [76 Kb]


Orenburg State University linked up with the international action "Total dictation".›››

Field act for blood recovery in OSU.     [76 Kb]


On the second of April away event for blood recovery was held in Orenburg State University.›››

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