Events: September, 2014

Kurt Ernst Klaus Hanßgen. Открыть в новом окне [77 Kb]


Kurt Ernst Klaus Hanßgen, professor of informatics, mathematics and natural sciences in Leipzig University of Applied Sciences came to OSU on the 22d of September. ›››

Innovations fair. Open in new window [94 Kb]

The project of Artem Bykov, Head of OSU Scientific and Innovative Students’ Projects Department, took the 3d place on the "Russian innovations — Russian capital" fair. This event was held in frames of the 3d International Business-Summit in Nizhny Novgorod on 10–12 of September. ›››

Akihito Satake and Vladimir Kovalevskiy. Открыть в новом окне [77 Kb]


Japan comes to OSU. The opening ceremony of the 11th "Days of Japan in OSU" festival was held on the 18th of September. ›››

Vladimir Kovalevskiy and Andreas Klassen. Открыть в новом окне [61 Kb]


The meeting of OSU Rector Vladimir Kovalevskiy with delegation of Yekaterinburg General Consulate of Germany took place on the 17th of September within Days of German Culture in Orenburg. ›››

'Keeper of Orenburg'. Открыть в новом окне [90 Kb]


The students of OSU Architecture and Construction Faculty Darya Savina and Mariya Skopinceva reached the final of Internet competition "City of Creativity". ›››

Tatyana Komarova and Yuriy Berg. Open in new window [76 Kb]

First-year student of OSU Economics and Management Faculty Tatyana Komarova was awarded of All-Russian Fund for social and cultural initiatives "Warm Heart". Acting Governor of Orenburg Region Yuriy Berg handed reward to the student. ›››

Megumi Kitamura, lecturer from Japan. Открыть в новом окне [78 Kb]


The lecturer from Vaseda University (Japan) Megumi Kitamura visited OSU. On the 2nd of September she had a meeting with Sergey Letuta, OSU Vice-rector for Research. ›››

Knowledge Day in OSU. Открыть в новом окне [77 Kb]


The celebration of Knowledge Day and solemn matriculation took place in OSU. ›››

Expedition in Europe salt-dome landscapes. Открыть в новом окне [96 Kb]


Vadim Petrishchev — head of OSU City Cadastre Department of Architecture and Construction Faculty headed an expedition to Europe salt-dome landscapes, which was organized in 12–24 of August. ›››

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