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Megumi Kitamura, lecturer from Japan. Открыть в новом окне [78 Kb]

The lecturer from Vaseda University (Japan) Megumi Kitamura visited OSU. On the 2nd of September she had a meeting with Sergey Letuta, OSU Vice-rector for Research.

Meeting of sensei at the airport. Открыть в новом окне [89 Kb]
Sergey Letuta, Lyudmila Dokashenko, Megumi Kitamura. Открыть в новом окне [79 Kb]
In Orenburg Governor's Local History Museum. Открыть в новом окне [79 Kb]
On the 'Europe-Asia' bridge. Открыть в новом окне [76 Kb]

The dialogue was passing in friendly atmosphere. As it turned out, Megumi speak Russian pretty well. She learned our language about 1 year in Centre of International Education of Moscow State University. She will stay in Orenburg till June 2015. All this time Megumi will improve her knowledge and teach language and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun in OSU Japanese Information Center.

OSU closely cooperates with Japanese universities. Teachers and students exchange, joint scientific researches are carried out due to actual cooperation agreements.

The visit of Megumi Kitamura in Orenburg became possible thanks to cooperation of OSU Japanese Information Center with Japanese-Russian Center of Youth Exchange (Tokyo) and Japan Embassy in RF.

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