Events: September, 2013

Japanese lecturer Syota Kusibiki. Open in new window [70 Kb]

Peace Lesson in the framework of initiative "Mayors for Peace" was held in Lyceum № 5 jointly with OSU Japanese Information Center on the 21st of September. ›››

Archeological-geographical expedition 'Kyzyl-Kuragino-2013'. Открыть в новом окне [77 Kb]


More than 600 volunteers took part in the third season of archaeological and geographical expedition "Kyzyl-Kuragino-2013" this year. Among them was a graduate of Geography and Regional Studies Department Raisa Fatkullina and a third-year Geography student Guzel Nadergulova. They won a prize from the Russian Geographical Society. ›››

The meeting of Sergey Letuta with the lecturer from France Helen Mosque. Открыть в новом окне [77 Kb]


The meeting of OSU Vice-Rector for Research Sergey Letuta and lecturer from France Helen Mosque was held on the 13th of September.  ›››

Catfish Semyon. Открыть в новом окне [74 Kb]


Unusual student — unique catfish Semyon was "admitted" to Orenburg State University. ›››

Venaliy Amelin. Открыть в новом окне [92 Kb]


Distributed Scientific Center (DSC) of international and interreligious problems (department of Volga federal district) was opened in OSU under the management of Director of Southern Urals History and Ethnography Institute Professor Venaliy Amelin. ›››

Mayuki Matsui, Sergey Letuta, Syota  Kusibiki, Lyudmila Dokashenko. Open in new window [63 Kb]

On the 4th of September OSU Vice-Rector for Research Sergey Letuta met new lecturer from Japan Syota Kusibiki. ›››

Opening of new academic building № 20. Open in new window [77 Kb]

On the 2nd of September grand opening of 20th academic building was held in OSU as a part of Knowledge Day. ›››

Unveiling of monument to P.I. Rychkov. Open in new window [68 Kb]

On the 2nd of September unveiling of the monument to P.I. Rychkov was presented in the square of the 3rd OSU academic building. ›››

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