How can a company exist 1000 years

Masayuki Matsumura.     [69 Kb]

On the 22d of March a business-seminar "Business protocol in contacts with Japanese business" took place in the OSU Research library.

Alexander Kalinin.     [73 Kb]
Business-seminar 'Business protocol in contacts with Japanese business'.     [77 Kb]
Business-seminar 'Business protocol in contacts with Japanese business'.     [70 Kb]

This seminar was organized by Japan Information center of the OSU under the support of Japanese center in Nizhny Novgorod.

Not only Orenburg businessman, representatives of production sector, of state institutions, but also students interested in culture and economy of Japan wanted to hear answer to the question "How to work with Japanese companies?".

A consultant of company "World Business Associates" Masayuki Matsumura told Orenburg residents how to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners. Specialist from Japan not only shared the secrets of a successful business in the field of international cooperation, but also told about mentality and culture of Land of the Rising Sun. According to Mr. Matsumura a mutual understanding of culture’s differences plays an important role in cooperation with foreign companies. "Your knowledge about the partner— that is the key to success",— he said. In was the main idea of the program.

The Japanese economy is known for the high number of companies-long-livers. For example, 19companies account 1000years of history and 124companies recently celebrated the 500th anniversary. Masayuki Matsumura told about the secret of the phenomenal longevity: "All companies with long histories are connected by one principle. It is a family-run business, which should be based on two pillars: traditions and trust".

Participants also learned the etiquette norms in Japanese companies. Among the principle rules— "No matter what happens— smile".

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