Meeting with the East’s Pearl

Internship of OSU students in China.     [75 Kb]

Master’s degree students of Philology Department and the students of OSU Chinese Culture Center had month’s internship in Shanghai University.

Internship of OSU students in China. Open in new window [77Kb].     [77Kb]

OSU students got the unique opportunity to improve their language proficiency in one of the largest universities of Chinese Peoples Republic. They attended lectures within a month and studied two Chinese dialects at once: Shanghai (Shanghainese) and Pekinese (Putonghua) which is official language in China. The programme also included history, economy, specifics of business communication and etiquette in China.

— It was interesting to know that for example while Chinese delegation it is necessary to greet an eldest representative even though he has lower job position— Master’s student Artem Murashov explained that such form of respect for ages impressed him.

The Orenburg students saw famous sights of East’s Pearl, known as the largest city in the world— Shanghai.

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