Nanoparticles in Sunlight

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Young scientists of OSU Laser and Informative Biophysics Center explores latest generation of powerful and ecologically clean solar batteries under the supervision of Denis Kislov— senior lecturer of Radio Physics and Electronics Department, Ph.D. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

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Scholars of Orenburg State University are developing improvement methods of solar batteries (cells) effectiveness due to implementation of metal nanoparticles possessing plasma qualities. It is known that photovoltaics (physics studying transformation methods of solar energy to electricity) is one of the most dynamically developing fields of science and engineering. Photovoltaic equipments on the base of silicon— are absolute owners of solar batteries market, but represent a lot of disadvantages. In this regard it is necessary to pay attention to other technologies of batteries creation, particularly, to production technique of thin-film solar cells using titanium dioxide (Gretsel cells). Such solar batteries are resistant to temperature difference operating in wider illumination interval, durable and simple.

— Gretsel cells on the basis of titanium dioxide are the most prospective representatives of the third solar batteries’ generation,— Denis Kislov tells.— It’s not only popular on the market but also competitive towards silicon products due to variety of advantages. Solar batteries of this type are made from inexpensive environmentally-friendly materials and don’t demand complex equipment for production.

Received by Orenburg scientists experimental data show that addition of silver nanoparticles in construction of solar cells leads to increase of efficiency coefficient. Besides it is discovered that silver nanoparticles impact on capacitive and transport properties of Gretsel solar cells.

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