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The G-DERM project of OSU scientist Ramil Rahmatullin ranks among Top50 prospective Russian startups and get second place in the BioTechMed category according to Russian Startup Rating.

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Ramil is the developer of Bioskin— histoequivalent bioplastic material of the second generation. For years G-DERM is used for accelerated skin recovery after burns and injuries. Biomaterial requires no painful bandaging and reduces treatment’s duration by one third. Bioplastic material becomes elastic while slacking and virtually identical to skin. Besides G-DERM is used in cosmetic purposes. It’s capable to restore metabolism level and cells fission— almost up to young organism parameters. The innovation of Orenburg citizen is used not only in Orenburg region’s health care facilities (burn centers, surgeries, cosmetological clinics), but also far beyond.

Recently Bioskin applies for stomach ulcer’ treatment.

Pretty soon Ramil Rahmatullin will disclose a secret how to cure parodontosis by means of the new product basing on Bioskin technology.

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